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The State of Biodiversity

7th Annual State of Biodiversity Symposium

County-wide efforts in place to conserve and restore biodiversity.

The 7 th Annual State of Biodiversity Symposium held on April 18 convened conservationists, land managers, scientists, students, the interested public, and a diverse panel of conservation leaders to understand current opportunities and threats and share knowledge about biodiversity in our region.

One of the first steps in finding solutions to complex topics is to convene subject matter experts and engage the broader community in conversation. At this year’s symposium, we shared the results from the San Diego Biodiversity Conservation Summit —a day-long workshop held with diverse stakeholders to facilitate a dialog and generate a report about the most urgent needs to conserve biodiversity in San Diego County.

Public comment period is now open—report available.

The preliminary report, titled San Diego Collaboration for Conservation: Sustaining the Region's Legacy of Biodiversity Conservation is now accessible.

The public comment period for the report is open now through July 2. This community-driven project is intended to help guide efforts to address our region’s most urgent conservation needs, and we need your feedback!

Your feedback and reflections will help inform the final version of this report, which will serve as a model for comprehensive biodiversity conservation in San Diego.

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